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Beers & Bites Adventure

Because there is more to beer than Bud… and more to San Francisco than chowder!


Because there is more to beer than Bud… and more to San Francisco than chowder!

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Activity Options:

Activity Options

Beers & Bites Adventure


  • Behind the scenes tour of one of San Francisco's premier craft breweries, with on-site tasting of their products
  • Beer and food pairings at premier San Francisco brewpubs
  • On-foot tasting tour of up-and-coming neighborhoods like The Mission, South of Market, Dogpatch, and The Haight
  • Excursions to off-the-beaten track sights between tastings
  • Taste The City's unique foods, and experience the people, neighborhoods and world cultures that created them
  • Includes treats to take home.

Description Of Activity

"Hop" aboard the Beers & Bites Adventure to experience the finest brews and foods of a world-class culinary destination and the birthplace of American craft beer— San Francisco. This unique adventure will take you into the exploding San Francisco beer scene with behind-the-scenes tours at several premier craft breweries — led by the master brewers themselves. You can cure what "ales" you with classic beer and food pairings at local brewpubs and be ready for some delightfully unexpected combinations, like beer and chocolate!

You will also venture "beyond the bread bowl" of Fisherman's Wharf to taste the City's unique local and ethnic foods and sample life in San Francisco's up-and-coming neighborhoods like South of Market, Dogpatch, the Haight, and the Mission. Travel in style between watering holes and visit some unexpected sights in between. As with all our products, your highly personalized adventure through the City by the Bay will be served with two scoops of humor and a hefty dollop of fun!

Terms And Conditions

Cancellation fees:
More than 30 days before arrival, we do not charge any fees for cancelling bookings.
For bookings cancelled 15-30 days prior to arrival, we apply a US $30.00 per person charge.
For bookings cancelled inside 15 days prior to arrival, a 100% cancellation fee applies.

For new visitors to San Francisco the weather is unpredictable and subject to change unexpectedly, so be sure to bring along a light jacket or sweater no matter how nice the day starts out. The best advice is always to dress in layers. Sunglasses and sun block are recommended, since sunlight reflecting off the bay’s surface can be dangerously bright even on a cold, windy day. We also recommend wearing comfortable walking shoes.