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Adults- Electric Bike Rental

Bike comes with rear rack, front camera bags, locks, water holder, helmets & maps.


Bike comes with rear rack, front camera bags, locks, water holder, helmets & maps.

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Activity Options:

Activity Options

Adults- Electric Bike Rental


They Carry a Broad Fleet of Rental Bikes to Suit All Tastes

Description Of Activity

They offer bike rentals for all ages, levels and rider types! They constantly replenish the fleet with new bikes by recycling the old; this ensures the customers are always using quality equipment. The team is available to guide you to the best bike for you. They can also share some expert, local advice on the best places to ride, sightsee, eat, and enjoy!

Terms And Conditions

Bay City Bike uses the following payment methods: ACH payment transfers; mailed checks; filing a tour operator company credit card for monthly charges. ACH payments paid into bank account are accepted only if tour operator agrees to bear all transaction fees. Bay City Bike Rentals and Tours will include the transaction fees in the invoice.

Cancellations made within 48 hrs of rental date are non-refundable. 

The maximum number of guests for FIT tours is 20. Groups over 20 qualify for a customized group tour; Customized group tours have no maximum but will be sub grouped into departures of 50 PAX per 30 minutes.

Our operations are weather-sensitive. Under weather conditions that are deemed non-operable, we reserve the right to cancel any scheduled tour within 24 hours of the actual tour and we will notify you at that time. Full rain cancels unless client wishes to conduct tour regardless of weather.

A liability waiver must be signed at the beginning of each tour by all guests age 18 or over. Guests under 18 must be cosigned by a parent or guardian. This waives the liability of the supplier beyond the maximum compensation covered by supplier’s existing insurance policy.